Perfection Overnight

It doesn’t always happen in leaps and bounds

Perfection overnight

Hopes and dreams fulfilled as soon as the wish is said out loud


"It will be hard," they said.

"There will be tough days," they said.


But what they should have said was:

"There will be long periods where you wake up every single day

hating yourself."
"You will be your biggest disappointment."


So a plea to you, if I may - 

Enjoy your pure optimism

your untainted hope

your unrelenting inspiration

Enjoy it while you still have it


And know that when you slowly slip or suddenly fall

into the pit of doubt and fear and shame

It's just part of this sick process you see


Force yourself to feel better


Save your energy, let yourself slip further and fall harder

And enjoy the apathy of the darkness


For it's not the darkness itself that hurts

It's how dark it feels

compared to the light you were seeking


So enjoy it I say,

bask in it

Roll around nude and bruised and scarred



In the sweet, dark



And when this time passes

As it certainly eventually will


Reach back out to the light

The smiling faces, the dreams of hope and hope for dreams

You'll clean up real nice I'm sure

And re-enter life as it was


Or maybe,

Just maybe


You'll shock us all

And move your way through both worlds

all worlds

Where you play with your anger,

sing with your disappointments,

fight with your aspirations and

Challenge and love everything harder and deeper than you ever have.